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 Bar JOkE :))

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PostSubject: Bar JOkE :))   Bar JOkE :)) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 6:37 am

A man walks into a bar and notices his friend sitting alone staring at a tiny man on the table playing the piano.
"Wow, look how small he is, where did you get him?!" Says the man.
"Oh, well there's this genie round the back of bar, and he grants you whatever wish you want."
Sure enough, the man goes round the back of the bar and there sits a genie.
"You grant wishes right?"
"Yes." replies the genie.
"Hmm, I'd like a million bucks."
Then, out of nowhere, a million ducks appear, and waddle behind the annoyed man as he goes back into the bar.
"Look, that genie gave me ducks instead of bucks!"
His friends sitting at the table replies,
"Well yeah, do you really think I asked for a twelve inch pianist?"
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PostSubject: Re: Bar JOkE :))   Bar JOkE :)) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 7:17 pm

good one!
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Bar JOkE :))
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